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[News pic] 140921 SS6 Press Conference

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here i stand

youn_kyung & jjyang_222 IG Update with Heechul

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cr: 初见希loveheenim
photo by: 武邵漠SUJU大发7辑最高
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Drunk Hyukjae is the cutest x)

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 OMG KANGTEUK OPPAS What ?? [c: 日本菲菲]

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▀ (2) Anonymous asked, "your "so ugri" tag in heenim's gifs better be sarcasm"

Nah, he’s the ugriest 

How did Key become a SME trainee?He partecipated in a national audition and they chose him (8000:1).One of the MCs -jokingly- asked “WHY?!?" … XD

You wish you were this fab~~